GMS Essentials

The Cloud-Based Grants Management Solution that Grows with You

SmartSimple is the only online grants management solution that is 100% configurable to your specific granting process.

We enable you to be authentic to how you already work. That means you don’t need to change the way you manage your grants to use SmartSimple whether it’s the first call for submissions or the final awarding of funds.

The grants management platform that you can build

Grants Management Software Essentials

GMS Essentials is ideal for organizations that have a straightforward granting process without a lot of complex steps. It’s also a viable solution for organizations looking for an easy way to graduate from an antiquated paper-based system to an online platform. GMS Essentials is a complete software package that has all the flexibility needed to grow with your granting programs.

The essential features all grants organizations need

GMS Essentials is equipped with four base applications, representing all the functionality and reporting that you would need to manage a full, standard grants cycle.

Whether you're transitioning from an outdated grants management software or moving away from a paper-based process, GMS Essentials is an ideal solution to get your organization online with a robust, cloud-based grants management platform quickly and easily.

Grants Management System Essentials

Submission Manager

Manage all your application templates, incoming grants, staff write-ups, progress & interim reports, final reports and grant payments. Your approved grant agreements are also safely stored online and e-signature enabled, making document management a breeze.

All the details of every grant applicant, from their basic contact information to their final approved submission, are all kept in a single record. Everything you need to know about every potential and current grantee is centralized and easily accessible from your GMS Essentials.

Meeting Manager

GMS Essentials’ Meeting Manager makes it easy to keep everyone on your board up-to-date on future meetings and streamlines their ability to review all the documentation attached to any grant application, approvals, declines and funding payments.

Send meeting invites, create board dockets and minutes, as well as manage the approval and decline process for proposals, all from within GMS Essentials.

Budget Manager

Track your organization’s entire granting budget with the GMS Essentials Budget Manager application. Produce payment forecasts for future budgeting, confirm funding allocations and apply them to specific grant recipients.

GMS Essentials integrates seamlessly with most major accounting software programs, making budget and payment tracking easy.

Program Manager

Administer any number of granting programs from within GMS Essentials. No matter how complex your requirements are or how many different kinds of granting programs you need to administer, GMS Essentials can manage it all. Keep different calls for submissions organized, manage multiple program open and close dates and create unique eligibility quizzes for every kind of grant you award.

Reporting made simple

GMS Essentials comes complete with full reporting and dashboard capabilities for every member of your grants management team.

SmartSimple's intuitive interface makes report-building quick and easy, and you can pick and choose exactly what you need to report on for specific stakeholders. Plus, the extensive range of visualization options for your reports gives you the ability to illustrate your granting data in a way that’s easy to understand and meaningful to your audience.

Personalized dashboards for better organization

Grants Management System - Dashboard

SmartSimple's centralized dashboard design consolidates your granting data so it’s always easy to find relevant proof points and clear insight into the results of your programs. Plus, dashboards can be personalized to the specific user’s portal based on the permissions granted by your program administrator. Your users will only see the information they need to see relevant to their portion of the grants management process.

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